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    ACT for Depression
    The aim of ACT is not only to reduce psychopathology but to enable people to flourish, i.e. to have a meaningful and engaged life. One recent Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) Using a guided selfhelp ACT intervention for depressive symptomology, predicted changes in Psychological Flexibility and an increase in flourishing at a 3 month follow up. 

    This workshop will give you the techniques to assist your clients to have a more meaningful and engaged life, bringing joy to themselves and greater willingness to be involved with others in their lives. This workshop will be partly didactic and mostly experiential.

    The presenter, Mary Sawyer will guide you through an innovative, creative, and effective way of working with your depressed clients. You will practice exercises to give you the tools to create a context for change, assist your clients to understand how depression works and be able to step out of it and back into their lives. Mary will assist you with gentle and compassionate guidance in the service of leading your clients to a better life. Each of the experiential exercises covered on the workshop will be made available on the day and online.

    At the completion of this workshop participants will:
    • Begin to understand the depression presentation from an ACT perspective (examples of fusion, emotional control strategies, distance from values).
    • Drawn on the client’s experience to strengthen the recognition that “control is the problem,” and to introduce willingness to experience depression as an alternative to control.
    • Be able to help the client identify life domains where he/she is not living fully according to personal values.
    • Explore the relationship between values, goals and actions, and to firmly root components of willingness and defusion in the service of achieving behavioural goals.
    • Be able to teach clients to be his or her own therapist to make and keep commitments as a life-long process. 

    At the completion of this workshop participants will:
    • Learn to assist you in managing your client’s depression from a new perspective and create a context for change. 
    • Learn to assist your clients to be brave and move into a vital life.
    • Be guided through a scientifically based therapeutic approach and provide information and techniques in a way that is of practical use. 
    • Address your struggle with clients who have been stuck in depression.

    "A major part of our work as mental health care professionals is to support our clients to be brave and move into the vital life they have been desperate to have. This workshop will assist you in creating a new context for change in your client’s understanding, experience and movement though depression.”  - Mary Sawyer

    This training is designed to extend knowledge and update applied skill of any practitioners wishing to enhance their range of techniques and potency when working depressed clients. 

    This seminar provides 14 hours for CPD points.

    Sydney - 4-5 June

    Darwin - TBA

    Perth - TBA

    235 Jones Street
    Ultimo, NSW 2000, Australia

    Mantra On The Esplanade
    88 The Esplanade 
    Darwin, NT, Australia

    East Fremantle Yacht Club
    Base of Petra Street
    East Fremantle, WA 6158, Australia