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    ACT for Anxiety and OCD
    ACT is a different and novel way of treating anxiety and is part of a new wave of therapies for anxiety. ACT advocates acceptance as an alternative agenda for being with anxiety and views controlling anxiety as the problem, not a solution. Rigid and inflexible patterns of emotional and experiential avoidance are common to all anxiety disorders. Within ACT, such avoidance is viewed as a toxic core process driving “disordered” experiences of anxiety and fear. Experiential avoidance is one of the most explicit treatment targets. ​This experiential workshop is specially crafted to give you the skills to enhance  your  therapeutic skills. Core competencies for the basic therapeutic stance of ACT will be a major part of this workshop, both didactically and experientially.

    At the completion of this workshop participants will:

    • Be provided with an overview of the research so far with anxiety treatments
    • Become more aware of the basic therapist core competencies and behaviours that characterise an ACT-consistent therapeutic stance.
    • Introduce in-session, mindfulness, metaphor, experiential exposure exercises, defusion, value-guided action, and make commitments to move in valued life directions
    • Discover your personal values and how to move toward your valued intentions enabling you to work with your client’s anxiety

    How you will benefit from this workshop:

    • If you or your clients are caught up in anxiety, the ACT model will provide a clear compassionate path to find space where it is possible to live passionately and breathe freely, even when your are anxious.
    • It will prepare you to work with something new and exciting method. It will be life changing for yourself and your clients, ending the struggle with anxiety and taking charge of your life.
    • This workshop has been designed to extend clinical knowledge and update applied skill of any practitioners with essential counselling skills who wish to enhance their range of techniques and potency in working with anxiety disorders.

    Darwin - TBC

    Perth - TBC

    Sydney - 14-15 October

    Mantra On The Esplanade
    88 The Esplanade 
    Darwin, NT, Australia
    East Fremantle Yacht Club
    Base of Petra Street
    East Fremantle, WA 6158, Australia
    University of Technology Sydney
    235 Jones Street
    Ultimo, NSW, Australia